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Neuro Community Care, LLC (NCC) is an independent Case Management company specializing in support services for people with brain injuries, neurological disabilities and other cognitive or physical challenges. 

NCC recognizes the complex, daily needs of persons with brain injuries and the lifelong challenges they face.  Once home from the hospital or rehabilitation setting, individuals can have difficulty generalizing the skills they have learned.  This often results in frustration and loss of function; further complicated by ongoing cognitive and physical challenges.  Long term, the challenge becomes maintaining skill levels and modifying strategies as needs change.

NCC Case Managers and Life Skills Coaches act as a bridge and advocate on the survivors and families behalf; exploring resources, making referrals and providing ongoing education and training to address their ever-changing needs.

Neuro Community Care provides quality and cost-effective case
management and life skills services for clients with brain injuries,
neurological disabilities and other physical challenges.

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